The Story of a Visionary: Jan Kaplický

Permanent Exhibition

Jan Kaplický’s name is associated with unmistakably daring futuristic architecture, as well as with courage to experiment with new forms and materials His name is also connected with borderless imagination seeking its source in nature, and with his sight focused on future. Some of his works has already become icons of modern architecture.

Jan Kaplický and his architectural company Future Systems gained dozens of prestigious international awards and recognitions. In Czech Republic Kaplický is publicly very well known for his new National Library project in Prague on Letná. Just a very few architectural projects was able to cause such a huge emotional wave and to start so many discussions.

The aim of National Technical Museum was to create a place in Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy that would be suitable for everyone, who wants to acquaint with work of Jan Kaplický more complexly. We offers to our visitors some kind of a „study cabinet“ where the visitors are able to walk through and browse the models of Kaplický’s projects and notice their time development, their changes and see possibilities each building offers. Our visitors can notice each detail separately or perceive the building as a complex.

First part of the exposition devoted to life and work of Jan Kaplický was opened on the top floor of the former brewery building in 2015 along with an exposition of architecture. In following two years was the collection of more than fifty original author models presented on exhibitions in German museum of architecture in Frankfurt am Main (Yesterday’s Future) and in Prague in Dancing House Gallery (Nekonečno Jana Kaplického). Later were the models transported to Plasy and since 2017 have become part of long-term exposition called “The story of a visionary: Jan Kaplický”.

Models currently situated in „study cabinet“ describe the work of Kaplický’s architectural studio Future Systems from the very beginning of its existence to the creating of the latest models. Apart from the best known Kaplický’s projects such as the London‘s Tate Modern gallery of modern art, Lord’s Cricket Ground media centre in London or Selfridges store in Birmingham, visitors can also see there models of less known objects. Models of building that should have been built in Czech Republic are also displayed. Proposed design of National Library building that should be situated in Prague on Letná is presented in its own room.

Updated and completed exposition is opened to the public from 13th September 2017 in Valečka Gallery on the top floor in Civil Engineering Exhibition.