Calcarius or Lime Burner

30.9. 2015 - 23.7. 2017

The exhibition called “Calcarius or Lime Bruner, lime processing technologies in traditional civil engineering” has been installed in the former monastery’s mill room and farmhands’ day room newly adapted for short-term exhibitions. The exhibition presents in an attractive way long forgotten lime mining methods, lime burning in pre-industrial kilns and its further processing and application in traditional civil engineering.

A so called lime cycle demonstrated in a very illustrative manner includes a transformation of limestone into lump lime, its slaking in slaking pits and a subsequent preparation of mortar and its application in construction as binder. Sets of traditional lime burner’s and bricklayer’s tools are displayed next to archaeological discoveries of mortars and plasters from the first Christian structures in the Czech Republic. There are also replicas of typical plasters used in the Middle Ages, Renaissance as well as in Baroque on display.