Construction Carpenter's Workshop


Civil Engineering Exposition
120 CZK (full)
80 CZK (reduced)


Centrum stavitelského dědictví NTM Plasy
Pivovarská 5, 331 01 Plasy
How to get here

The exhibition is extended until 31.10.2021. EXHIBITION

The exhibition, which is dedicated to construction joinery and parquet, offers a look at the great diversity and richness of these crafts.
It shows how historical exhibits such as specific technological processes for manual and mechanical processing of wood.

Wood is a material one has used since time immemorial. It has also been used in building houses since ancient times. For this time the exhibition leaves a large carpentry work in the background, giving space to the construction carpentry industry.
You learn what it takes to do with wood when you need to make something as common as doors or window frames. The exhibits on display will alert you to attractions you might otherwise have left unnoticed.

Fine woodworking workshop in time.
The workshops interior with functional equipment.

Door leaves production step by step.
The way from the wood to the perfectly processed final product.

Stories of windows and doors.
Structural details or context on the ‘little gems’ of fine woodworking.

Parquets and the Parquetry Industry
Wooden floors have always been pleasant for living.

And something for kids ...
Parquet puzzle that will test your skill and imagination.

The Exhibition can be seen within the Exposition of Civil Engineering in NTM CSD Plasy. The exhibition is extended until 31.10.2021.