New permanent exposition - Playful Statics

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Civil Engineering Exposition
120 CZK (full)
80 CZK (reduced)


Centre for Building Heritage Plasy
Pivovarská 5, 331 01 Plasy
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From 28. JUNE 2019 EXPOZICE

New temporary exhibition in Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy is entitled "Playful Statics". This exposition was founded in cooperation with Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technique Activities in Construction (ČKAIT) and its purpose is to present our visitors the process of building a house from point of view of statics. Translated into children visitors expression "How is that the house stands".     

Children language usually does not use words and physics statments, but more probably uses pictures, touches and look for any opportunity for active exploration. These criteria determine for the foundation of the exposition, on the other hand, we also focused on presentation suitable for more sophisticated visitors. The opportunity to touch and try different materials to get knowledge about the basics of Statics is accompanied with the possibility to see historical plans and models and understand how statics work. For major people, structural engineer is someone who is usually called to a damaged building to decide if the building needs to be demolished or not. That is partly true but his or her main task is something else. What is it, could be found within our new exposition.

Exposition of Building is available from 28th June 2019.