Contact Persons

Mgr. Kristýna Koderová
tel.: 777 710 802
Mgr. Adam Dušek
tel.: 774 426 828

Information on current events and the National Technical Museum activities is available in the Public and Schools section.


Journalists are advised to make a prior appointment either with the head of the CBH in Plasy Mgr. Pavel Kodera, Ph.D. via e-mail or phone 777 190 734, or with Mgr. Adam Dušek via e-mail or phone 774 426 828.
No reduced admission fee applies to press pass holders. It is also necessary to arrange in advance any TV, movie filming or radio recording as well as enter into all relevant agreements with NTM, which are required to include a precis of the script and a time schedule of the filming/recording. Thank you for your understanding.