The permanent exhibition in the Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy takes its visitors through the entire brewery grounds and acquaints them with historical construction components, materials and structures in a comprehensible and attractive manner. The exhibition presents visitors with various construction materials (timber, stone, clay etc.). The brewery’s individual floors house displays of construction structures from foundations and the building frame through different treatments of wall surfaces, types of windows and doors, relevant technical facilities of buildings to types of roof timbers and coverings.

Yard of Building Crafts

The farmyard was converted into a so called “yard of building crafts” aiming at passing on traditional methods and skills through courses and workshops. The Building Yard includes period-authentic fully functional workshops – a carpenter’s and joiner’s workshop, brick kiln, stonemason’s workshop, bricklayer’s and plasterer’s work place as well as metal processing workshops – a unique whitesmith workshop, blacksmith workshop with a working outdoor and indoor forges and a fully operational non-ferrous foundry.

Building Playground

The premises of a former malthouse have been dedicated to a so called building playground, where the youngest visitors can put their building creativity to use. The brewery also houses a part of an exhibition on principles of statics. The “study” of architect Jan Kaplický forms a separate part of the exhibition.

Study Depository

To satisfy the needs of professionals and researchers, study depositories on construction components are continuously expanded. There is also a special library at their disposal.

The objective of the Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy is to invoke respect for building heritage, provide deeper understanding of building history, pass on traditional skills and bring inspiration and joy.

„Kdo zná, neničí“

The Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy is a successfully concluded project of the National Technical Museum co-funded by the European Union (ERDF structural funds) through the Integrated Operational Programme (IOP), area 5.1 – National Support for Using the Potential of Cultural Heritage.