Building Archeology

Permanent exhibition

The oldest part of the farmyard and at the same time the oldest part of the entire Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy houses a building archaeology exposition (BA). The exposition’s conception and significance are completely unique. It puts the space to its maximum use. The space had in the course of time from the Middle Ages to the present changed its appearance and purpose several times, each period leaving its traces there. The exposition teaches us to see and read in these changes, to notice sometimes barely perceptible details, to explore and enjoy our understanding. Thus a contemplative visitor can learn about technologies and methods of historical buildings research using resources of an extraordinary historical sight with intriguing building history.

The BA exposition points out remarkable or methodically significant building situations and features in situ and displays the exciting discoveries made during the object’s renovation. It had changed its purpose numerous times in the past – from a medieval storehouse, through a monastic wine distillery, to a flat for a coachman and later on for other farm personnel. Thus we can find gothic lancet windows, baroque groin vaults, or an illustrative section of a 19th century furnace torso there. Our attention will also be drawn towards an authentically preserved baroque dark kitchen used to prepare food for servants eating in the adjacent quarters.

Visitors’ will also find interesting the comparison of a baroque kitchen and rooms of similar purpose from the first half of the 19th century.

The exposition was prepared in collaboration with doc. Ing. arch. Michael Rykl, Ph.D. from FA ČVUT Praha (Faculty of Architecture, CTU Prague).

The BA exposition is opened to visitors in July and August and for guided tours during special events or for group viewings by appointment throughout the year.