Yard of Building Crafts

permanent exhibition

The Centre for Building Heritage includes the Plasy monastery’s farmyard. Its appearance points to the baroque period, however, in accordance with the surviving medieval features, it is safe to assume that its origins go as far back as the founding of the Cistercian monastery, to the 1150s.

If the brewery and its museum of civil engineering focus on passing on rather theoretical knowledge of civil engineering and crafts, the farmyard aims for more practical lessons on traditional methods and skills. The farmyard offers lime kilns, metal processing workshops – a unique historical whitesmith’s workshop, blacksmith’s workshop with outdoor and indoor forges as well as a fully operational non-ferrous foundry. We are preparing functional installations of a carpenter’s and joiner’s workshops, brick workshop, stone mason’s workshop, bricklayer’s and plasterer’s stations.

The Yard of Building Crafts is opened to visitors in July and August and for guided tours throughout the year and during special events, such as Crafts Days and professional workshops.