Filmmakers Hanzelka and Zikmund

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The Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy
monastery grounds (former brewery and farmyard)
Pivovarská 5
331 01 Plasy
okres Plzeň-sever
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3rd April - 31st October 2019 EXHIBITION

On 22nd April 2019 it will be 60 years since the famous travelers Jiří Hanzelka and Miroslav Zikmund got on their second great expedition to Asia. The beggining of the journey is well conected with the National Technical Museum and that it the reason why singnificant part of the exhibition will be dedicated to this journey.     

photo MJVM in Zlín, authors: Archive H+Z

Journeys undertaken by Jiří Hanzelka and Miroslav Zikmund are not only unforgettable travels around the world but represent also the way these too engineers of economy travelled to become filmmakers, photographers and writers. These “film amateurs” how do they call themselves produced more 4 features films, 147 short films a made thousands of radio plays and written 16 book, that were translated into dozens of languages, They sold more than 8 500 000 books all over the world.

Part of the exhibition are stereoscope photos, that travellers Zikmund and Hanzelka took during their second journey.

The Exhibition can be seen within the Exposition of Civil Engineering in NTM CSD Plasy from 3rd. April to 31st October 2019