31th October - the end of the visiting season 2018

It is now three years since the Centre for Building Heritage of NTM has been opened for visitors. Since its opening, the permanent exposition - situated in the former brewery facility welcomed thousands of people yet. Since opening the exhibition the scale of activities Centre can offer has been significantly extended for a guided tour in Yard of Building Crafts, summer season art-craft workshops, programmes for school and other special workshops.

This year the NTM also prepared the special “Presidential train” to take a journey around The Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (celebrations of 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic). Thanks to the location were Centre is located the train stopped also in Plasy.

One of the most pleasant things that happened this year was when our Centre won one of the special categories of Živa Award 2018. We can be really proud when we read what the granting certificate reads: “The efficient use of resources…, makes this institution of the country’s leading heritage centres for building and national cultural identity enhancement”.

Within the end of the visiting season 2018 also three of our exhibitions end: “Ludvík Očenášek, inventor and patriot - from bicycles to space rockets“, “Fulfilled dreams. The age-old longing to fly“ and „Czech Ceramic Wall Tiles“.

These exhibitions will be replaced by a new interactive exposition of statics, exposition of tunnelling of Ejpovice tunnel and the exhibition for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Miroslav Zikmund. So there are plenty of things our visitors may looking forward to.