Coming to the Museum with Children? Of course you can!

admission fee

Civil Engineering Exhibition
adult 110,-
child 70,-

Art-crafting workshop
adult 150,-
child 90,-


Yard of Building Crafts
Pivovarská 5, 331 01 Plasy
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30.3. - 31.10. 2018

Museum - the place where you can discover, being surprised, think, make and being together,... that is a nice challenge for all the museum staff as well as for visiting parents and children. Below we offer you the list of activities that you may enjoy at Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy during 2018. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us we would love to answer all of them.

Building Playground

Even the greatest architects started their careers playing with wooden or plastic cubes... Is it necessary to say anything else?

Playful Guide of How to visit the Museum of Building Heritage for children and their adults

The inspiration for parents how to roam through the Museum with children helping them to find the basics of building and ask the questions as well as finding answers for them. The way how to enjoy the Museum together.

CODE: 1234

The world of building transferred into numbers. Everyone who is able to solve the code shall have its reward.

Fulfilled dreams. The age-old longing to fly.

When you finish the exhibition riddles you can make yourself a model of plane.

Art-crafting Workshop - Mosaics
+ woodwork workshop

(during July and August only)
Suitable for everyone who likes to craft and make more information.

Mosaics workshop is supported by RAKO trademark of LASSELSBERGER s.r.o. company