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the outdoor area exhibition platform
Pivovarská 5, 331 01 Plasy
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14. 6. – 31. 12. 2018 EXHIBITION

Competition exhibition of building projects that were realized in Czech Republic in last 5 years is opened to support the promotion the of Czech architecture qualities. Within this exhibition the visitors have the opportunity to see a wide scale of works – from the smallest up to great building complexes, some of them were built just for a limited period of time. The best 33 nominated projects are presented at the outdoor area exhibition platform of NTM Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy. You may visit this exhibition from 14th June – 31st December 2018. Visiting this exhibition is free of charge.     

International committee – consisting of seven members (judges) – had to judge 145 projects in 2018. The participants are renowned architectural ateliers and studios as well as young authors and artists that are not yet quite renowned. The most common theme of the project are family houses and villas, but we may also find a project for sports area, mourning hall, chapel, tram station, cinema or brewery.
You may find the attending projects presented in this video from Czech Chamber of Architects which is the organiser of the competition. The name of the winner shall be known on 19th November 2018 when it will be announce on the opportunity gala evening in Karlín Forum.

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