Fulfilled dreams. The age-old longing to fly.

MARCH 30th - OCTOBER 31th 2018

The exhibition is one of the exhibitions that are prepared as a celebration of 100th anniversary of formation of Czechoslovakia Republic.     

This exhibition presents difficult way of development of folk flying in Czechoslovakian history. The desire for flying crosses borders – social, age, gender. One of the main questions is: How to build a plane that would be available for wide circle of enthusiasts? This exhibition will introduce to you flying motors for “folk planes” as well as women in Czechoslovakian aviation history.

For children and their parents, we have prepared special room, where they may to understand how the plane can fly and they will have an opportunity to build a little glider. Childrens part of the exhibition is prepared in cooperation with airplane-modelling Club Plasy (Leteckomodelářský klub Plasy).

Civil Engineering Exhibition NTM CSD Plasy/ March 30th - October 31th 2018

The exhibition is the part of the National Technical Museum project called MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA – THE INDUSTRY THAT RULED THE WORLD.